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Digital image-making is exciting and immediate, a real-world yin to the left-brain yang of editing. The gallery of images you can view in this portal are loosely organized according to subject matter. Just click on the above headline or on the photo itself.

While I have worked with all of the standard, old-school film/camera formats, today, I—like most everybody on the planet—make images via lighted screens. Making smartphone pictures is personally very satisfying—I teach a college-level class of my own devising called Creative Smartphone Photography—but I'm also thoroughly conversant with DSLR technology and the processing of RAW files for print and Web, using Adobe software. The commercial jewelry photos shown in this portal were created that way.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work…feel free to pin, fave, and share!

This book was the first title in the best-selling series

This book was the first title in the best-selling series


Much as I love photography, bringing written material to publication gives me deep, right-brain satisfaction. Taking ideas and images to the Web or paper is all about my workflow yang.

Whether developing book-length illustrated manuscripts or editing poetry broadsides, tightening advertising copy or writing tag lines and captions, I enjoy the relay-race experience of keeping a publishing project's schedule flowing from concept to copy to art and beyond

The books you'll find in this gallery were edited or managed by me (usually both). Alongside some of them you'll find a note about the author and what I found memorable about the book's production process. Click on any of the jacket thumbnails to go to the book's customer review page. If you own the book yourself, please leave a review there!

Services I provide to writers, editors, publishers, agencies, and web site content managers are:

Project management • Developmental, copy and line editing • Budget oversight • Continuity • Text analysis for photographs and illustrations • Research • Ghostwriting • Proofreading

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